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9th Russian WKC karate Open Cup 2018. Day three. Issue 8
9th Russian WKC karate Open Cup 2018. Day two. Issue 7
«Alsace Open Karate»
«Odenwald Cup»
«Pulse of the Neva River» karate WKC tournament
«Karate Open Lisboa»
«Trbovlje 2018»
«Arashi Cup 2018»
Martial Arts karate JKS festival
«Venice Cup 2018»
«Battle of the Teams»
«Karate WKC Healthy Nation Cup»
«Iternational UKF Inclusive Karate Cup»
«Open Italia Karate Libertas»
«Hungarian Tatami Karate Cup»
«Minsk Open - Sancer Cup 2018»
Russian karate Championship
«Nordic Championship»
European Wado Kai Karate Championship
Swiss Shotokan karate Championship
International tournament «Commonwealth JKS Cup 2018» in Gus-Khrustalny
10th European Shotokan Karate Championships
Technical Seminar of Sensei Hajime Matsue (JKS) in Kharkiv
DKV Shito Ryu Cup
Children's Cup «Moscow hopeful 2018»
«Grand Prix Karate WKF Lebork»
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Mayor Youth Karate Cup in Ivanovo
European Shotokan Karate-do Championship
10th International tournament «Polessian capital» 2018
«XVII Black Sea Cup»
9th Russian WKC karate Open Cup 2018
«The Seiwakai Open International Championships»
«Goju Kai Selangor Open Karate Championship»
European Wado Kai Cup
«Greve Karate Open 2018 & Panda Cup»
German Championships for pupils and veterans
Moscow Region Open WKF Cup
«Open International de la Province de Liège»
«Europe Cup for club»
«International Kom Karate Cup»
Manchester Youth Karate Open
German Open Karate Premier League WKF
«Black Sea breeze» karate WKC tournament
«Tallinn Open» 2018
Fonseca Cup 2018
Karate kyokushinkai «Gomel Cup» and «Sakura over Sozh»
«Moscow Open» and «Moscow Family Open»
«Euro Grand Prix-Pilsen» 2018
Open Karate Póvoa de Varzim 2018
Ulyanovsk Open Fudokan Karate and WKC tournament
24th Open Elhatri Kata and Kumite Tournament
Banzai-Cup Open 2018
«Karate Foundation Children Cup»
BKF International Open
«Sparring Cup Karate» 2018
International karate tournament «Maribor Open»
International karate competition Gomel Open Cup 2018
International tournament «Champion Cup»
Grand Prix Poland 2018 for Children, Cadets and Juniors
«Open Turin Cup Karate 2018»
International tournament «Marmara Сup 2018»
WSKF World Cup 2018
International tournament «Lion Cup»
«Zagreb Karate Cup 2018»
18th Vienna Open 2018
18th International Karate tournament «Croatia Open»
«Berliner Kata-Cup 2018»
9th Basel Open Masters
21st Budapest Open 2018
The XIX EGKF Championship